Vaccines: Knowledge Is Power

Vaccines: Knowledge Is Power2023-07-17T13:49:18-04:00

In the 1960’s, the average child received a maximum of 8 vaccines. In 2023, that number has increased to over 50 vaccines. During this same period, the rate of chronic illness, allergy, diabetes, obesity, learning challenges and autism has skyrocketed.

The hope is that this website is a starting point in your search for answers regarding vaccines. Are vaccines safe? What are the risks? How are vaccines tested to demonstrate their safety and efficacy? What are the benefits? What alternative interventions are available to keep my child healthy in all aspects of their lives?

If you are uncertain about your child receiving a vaccine, pause and seek more information.

More and more families are choosing to not vaccinate or are carefully choosing which vaccines to get and when the vaccines are given. Please listen to James Lyons-Weiler as he discusses vaccines.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD Video

Some Things You Should Have Been Told About Childhood Vaccines & the Vaccine Schedule

Vaccine Topics

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Vaccine companies did not follow accepted scientific protocols when they tested the shots. The shots are not safe, and they do not prevent disease. The companies cannot be sued...