Help promote vaccine awareness

WHAT:  A Public Information Campaign targeted at parents with kids in school.

WHY: When parents take their kids for check-ups, healthcare practitioners urge them to get their kids vaccinated.  

We want to be sure parents know that COVID-19, HPV, and flu injections are not required for school attendance in Virginia and that public schools must honor their religious and medical exemptions.

WHEN:  Ongoing.

HOW:  Print or post on social media VAMFA’s Always Be Cautious flyers and pass them out to those you know with school-aged children.  Click here for a color flyer or click here for a black and white version.

Place flyers under windshield wipers in places where parents will see them such as parks, sports events, churches, bulletin boards, and little libraries.

Get creative about how you spread the message!

We are challenging each of you to distribute at least 50 flyers. 

Click here to let us know if you meet or exceed this challenge so we can determine our reach (please write “ABC” at the beginning of your comment). How many did you distribute? Where? When? What public reactions did you notice? What worked or didn’t work?