Be cautious, be curious, ask questions, and seek answers. The decisions you make regarding vaccines for your child and for yourself are critical. Some began to question the rapidly expanding childhood vaccination schedule in the 1990s, others came on board after they suspected their child was vaccine injured and more began to open their eyes during Covid.

The last three years have been a quagmire of information regarding treatment for Covid, the shots that were supposed to end the pandemic, and healthcare in general. Many with children began to look seriously at the childhood vaccine schedule and began to educate themselves from reputable independent sources that were presenting alarming data.

We hope the information on this page will be the first of many stepping stones as you educate yourself about vaccine safety and efficacy, the number of shots in the childhood schedule, religious and medical exemptions, and alternative schedules. We want parents to “call the shots.” We want parents to determine if and when their child receives a vaccine.