Truth Speakers Uncensored: Disrupting the Culture

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VAMFA Supporters: Please see details for an event being held in VA Beach Saturday 10/8 hosted by Truth Speakers. Our own Dr. Sheila Furey will be speaking!


2022 Conference
Truth Speakers Uncensored: Disrupting the Culture

Truth Speakers 2022 conference flyer

Join us October 8, 2022 in beautiful Virginia Beach, Va., for the ultimate Catholic conference, featuring Fr. James Altman, Jesse Romero, Dr. Abby Johnson, Zachary King, YG Nyghtstorm, Leah Darrow, Dr. Barbara Nicolosi, Regan Long and Dr. Christine Bacon.
When: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022
Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, Va. 23451
Registration Prices: Seating is limited, so get yours now!​

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Event Details

What to expect at the 2022 conference UPDATED 9-19-22.
The day will begin at 9:00 a.m. with prayer by Fr. Altman and then the first of our great line up of speakers in the conference ballroom. The day will include talks from each of the speakers in his or her own sphere of influence and knowledge. There will not be any breakout sessions, so you will not be forced to choose between one great speaker and another. Complimentary pastries, coffee and tea will be available for guests as they enter the ballroom and a meal will be served to all registrants midway through the conference. The event will end with a panel discussion during which audience members may pose questions to each of the day’s speakers. We regret that we will not be able to include Holy Mass or the sacrament of Confession as we had hoped per diocesan decree.Each of these powerhouse Truth Speakers will be delivering up to an hour of insights to enlighten, encourage and mobilize audience members about the current state of affairs in his or her own areas of expertise within the Church and the world at large. Each of these speakers has been silenced, canceled or censored at some point by the main-stream media who are terrified by truth and viciously attempting to silence it at every turn. Disrupting the Culture with Truth has been birthed in order to stop the cancellation and give voice to those truths and spread it to any who, as our Lord said, “have ears and wish to hear.” That being said,  this conference will not be just one giant “complain about the bad guys” session, as we understand that you are likely very well aware of the current state of the Church and world. Rather, the Disrupting the Culture with Truth conference is designed to bring serious Catholics together to learn what they can do to disrupt the culture in their own back yards and empower them with the spiritual, emotional and intellectual tools to do so. This event will be covered in prayer as a prayer team will be praying for its success from the first word spoken through the last and the Holy Spirit is sure to be in attendance!We are humbled beyond words to announce a special video guest appearance by the beloved and highly respected cancelled Archbishop His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano! This holy and courageous man of God will be addressing registrants by video to encourage them to continue disrupting their own cultures with the Truth of Christ and His Church.

Registration is being taken for in-person attendance only. The decision was made to cancel the live-stream portion of the conference due to low numbers of those that requested that option. However, the entire event will be recorded and those that had registered for the live-stream portion of the conference will have the option to still watch the recordings of every speaker after the event has concluded. Registrants will receive an email with detailed instructions for this option. Whether in-person or recorded only, your registration price will allow you to listen to every speaker. The current price for in-person registration is for general seating. However, our speakers have generously made themselves available to be seated for the lunch hour with nine others who wish to pay the VIP rate of $150 per seat. For this price you will have up close and personal access to the speaker of your choice. VIP seats are filling up quickly and some speakers’ tables are already sold out so register today to guarantee yours.

Vendors’ tables will be set up inside the ballroom so that you will be able to peruse their wares without having to miss a single word of these great speakers. Several of the speakers will also have tables to sell his or her books and other products. Please support our vendors generously.

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