Stop the Tyrants & Unite for Freedom Event – US Capitol

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Grand Opportunity USA organization is holding a rally in DC on Friday October 7th from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. Our own Dr. Sheila Furey will be speaking at the event.

From the Eventbrite event page:

Please join us and a list of VIP Speakers and Candidates for Office for GOUSA’s Free Public Rally & Event at the US Capitol Grounds (West side adjacent to the reflecting pool and Union Square next to the Peace Monument). Just 1 Month from the critical Election Day, “Stop the Tyrants & Unite for Freedom”.

President Biden and the mainstream media is calling 1/2 of Americans “dangerous” and “fascists” – in a clear effort to intimidate their political opposition and silence speech.

Let’s let our elected government hear us loud and clear as we peacefully demonstrate on the side of Unity, Liberty and Opportunity for All, fight to Stop the Tyranny and Defend Our Freedoms- by Voting Peacefully on Election DayNovember 8th.

Do you want to: Secure our borders? Reduce Biden’s exploding crime rates, energy prices and runaway inflation? Demand medical freedom? Give parents control of their kids’ education and lives? Revive our failing economy? Stop the Woke Agenda’s: CRT; medical child trans-gendering; progressive bigotry and racism; attacking free speech, our 2A rights and religious rights; and worse? Then Please Join Us!

Speaker list includes:

– Matt Braynard, Executive Director, Look Ahead America

– Stacia Hall, Republican Nominee for Mayor, Washington DC and Small Business Owner

– Ivan Raiklin, Retired Green Beret/Lawyer/Deep State Marauder

– Ann Vandersteel, Conservative Podcaster

– Sheila M. Furey, MD, President of Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance

– Deborah Weiss, Attorney, Author and Activist

– YG Nyghtstorm, Recent Congressional Candidate, “The Bodyguard of Georgia”

– Puneet Ahluwalia, Northern Virginia businessman and 2021 Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor

– Corrine IRT, Independent Journalist & 1st Amendment Auditor, Founder of Corinne Uncensored

– Suzanne Monk, Patriot Activist and Host of Monk DC on The Exceptional Conservative Network

– Andre Soriano, American Celebrity Fashion Designer, Creator of Make America Great Again Gowns (originally worn by Joy Villa)

– Kevin Alan, The Kevin Alan Show and Candidate for Lt. Gov., CT

– America-First Rapper and GOUSA’s Ron J. Spike

– John Paul Moran, Founder GOUSA & the OppScore Political Credit Ratings

– Bodittle, Young Conservative Social Media Influencer

– Ella Maulding, Young Conservative Social Media Influencer

Join together and rally in support of all of the strong Pro-Freedom Candidates running to represent We the People. We will “Release the Scores” of hundreds of politicians via the OppScore political credit rating system, showing who is working in support of the Constitution and the majority of people – and who is working against us.

Special Thank You to all of the patriots who have been working hard to advance the cause of freedom and support our incredible candidates.

Please Join Us. Bring everyone you know who supports America!


2:00 Rally Event Starts, Patriotic Music

2:10: Opening Statement, National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance

2:20: Speakers Present

4:00 Noon: Event Concludes


US Capitol (West Side Near Peace Monument)

First St. N.W. & Constitution Avenue N.W. Washington, DC 20004

DC Freedom Rally

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