What is a Smart Meter?

A Smart meter is a new type of electronic utility meter, usually wireless, that transmits usage data and which emits high level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) known to be harmful. It allows your utility company to read your meter for billing purposes, but that’s not all. It also gives them access to detailed information about your private home life, without your consent, which is then shared with the government and third parties and which can be hacked over your wireless network.

Utility companies claim that the RF radiation from a Smart meter is similar to that of a smartphone. But as you can see from the below chart, the level of radiation emitted by a Smart meter is dramatically higher than that of devices typically found in a home, including cell phones. What’s worse, you can’t turn it off or put it in airplane mode. A Smart meter bombards your home with radiation 24/7 and penetrates walls.

Your body needs a break from the wi-fi radiation you are bathed in. Smart meters constantly emitting radiation can harm your cells, disrupt your circadian rhythm, and impair the required cell repair and regeneration that occurs while you sleep that keeps you healthy.  This can result in sleep disruption, fatigue, headaches, ringing in the ears, leg cramps, balance problems, heart and eye issues, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, skin rashes/flushing and behavioral problems.  The long-term effects may include cancers, infertility, neurotoxicity, genotoxicity and more.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), which regulates utilities, doesn’t require power companies to provide any health warnings to pregnant women, elderly, and children, who are most vulnerable to RF radiation adverse health effects, nor to those that have medical electrical implants, where RF radiation interference can be lethal.

“Widespread wireless installations including Smart meters are creating safety risks for 20-25 million people, who have medical implants such as pacemakers, infusion pumps, metal rods and hearing aids,” said Dr. Gary Olhoeft, professor of Geophysics in Colorado.

Smart meters can increase your electric bills, despite the utility companies’ claims to the contrary. They can also catch fire, explode, and damage household appliances, which results in higher premiums for rental and homeowners’ insurance.

Firemen inspect Smart meter that caught fire. A fire-retardant box that was installed around the meter prevented the fire from being much more serious. Most Smart meters are installed with no such protection.

Smart meters enable utility companies to curtail energy usage at peak hours or to completely shut off power to a home. Giving this level of power to utility companies threatens your life and liberty.

Homeowners, in theory, can opt out of smart meter installation. However, Dominion Electric has been replacing analog meters with smart meters throughout Virginia since 2009, often without homeowners’ knowledge or consent.

Dominion is now trying to pass rate increases that will force you to pay what appears to be an additional $10 per month if you want an “opt-out” meter instead of a Smart meter. However, this is both coercive and a ruse because an “opt-out” meter is practically the same thing as a Smart meter.

We must end this coercion and insist that smart meter and “opt-out” meter installation be optional with no penalty.

Please fill out a complaint here to the State Corporation Commission (SCC) which regulates electric utility companies.


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