Utility companies want you to believe that if you “opt-out” of a Smart meter installation, you are spared the high radiation that one emits. They also want you to believe that the “opt-out” meter they will install, which is not the same as a regular analog utility meter, does not have the capability to spy on your family’s activities inside your home and share that data with the government or sell it to a third party. Neither is true.

According to Dominion, the “opt-out” meter is simply a smart meter with the 2-way radio frequency (RF) communicating chip either disabled or removed. However, we have been told by the SCC that it is still a Smart meter and that Dominion can decide if this chip is activated or not. It can still collect detailed personal data on what goes on in the home.

See the comparison here between of the three types of electric utility meters: Smart meters, “opt out” meters, and analog (legacy) meters.

We must categorically reject both Smart meters and any “opt-out” program, whether paid or free. Asking for an “opt-out” essentially gives the utility company approval to install a surveillance grid that is harmful to you and your neighbors.

We agree with what Virginians for Safe Technology has stated about “opt-out” meters:

  • Consumers have no way of knowing if an “opt-out” meter’s two-way communicating antenna is actually disabled. It can be enabled without the homeowner’s knowledge.
  • The opt-out meter still puts dirty electricity on the wiring throughout the home due to the switch mode power supply.
  • The opt-out meter still does not have grounding or surge protections and poses a significant fire risk.
  • The opt-out meter still is not cyber secure and is easily hackable.
  • Dominion Energy Virginia (DEV) does not inform consumers that this device emits potentially harmful radiation.
  • Dominion does not inform customers that these meters could adversely impact certain disabilities or that they could interfere with pacemakers and other electronic medical implant devices.
  • There is a medical exemption, but it is not advertised as part of the “opt-out” form. The process for obtaining an exemption is onerous and intrusive, and we are unaware of any being approved.
  • Businesses and farm structures are unable to “opt-out,” and those in high density living situations are exposed to RF regardless.
  • Dominion Energy’s “opt-out” program and procedures are confusing; their terms are not clear and concise.
  • There is ample evidence that consumers aren’t getting uniform answers from Dominion. Some consumers are told they can’t opt-out. Some are given different responses regarding their “opt-out” options and the meter’s capabilities.
  • Dominion is installing Smart meters in some homes even though the homeowner opted out.

Opt-out meter looks very similar to a Smart meter, and in fact, contains the same electronic components. Utilities claim the electronics are disabled, but they can be enabled at any time.