Worldwide Embalmer Surveys: Exposing the Long Fibrous Clots

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Thomas Haviland, 20 Year USAF Veteran, 16 Year Defense Contractor, joins us to discuss the data on the CLOTS, THE MYSTERIOUS FIBROUS WHITE CLOTS.

Tom was working at Wright-Patterson AFB, in Ohio. On October 13, 2021, he stood for freedom, liberty, integrity, honesty and with grit and determination to alert the world of the right to informed consent and bodily autonomy.  He stood in defense of the Nuremberg Code. For taking a stand to alert the world, the scientific community and the personnel and civilians at Wright-Patterson AFB, he was fired.

Tom wrote the entire base and explained that the mandated vaccine was dangerous and the mandate was against the Nuremberg Code.  Please join us as he tells his story.

Please join us on Zoom, Tuesday, April 2 nd at 8 p.m. EST

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