The quarterly meeting of the Virginia Board of Health and State Health Commissioner from Thursday, September 22, 2022. 

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Mary Ann Mundt:

The hospital protocol killed my husband.

On January 8, 2022, my husband was weak and fell. I called for rescue to ask for assistance in getting him up. They insisted on taking him to the hospital. He did not want to go. We had done our research and knew hospitals were a dangerous place. As they took him away, I gave him his cell phone so we could communicate.

There was no need to believe that Bud had been exposed to Covid, but when he arrived at the hospital, they did their PCR test and said that he tested positive for Covid. We knew the tests were highly unreliable and expected this to happen at the hospital. We heard stories.

The ER doctor called me and told me they were giving Bud Remdesivir and going to put him on the ventilator. I
immediately replied “Absolutely Not! Bud does not want either of those things for treatment”.

The nurses told me that Bud had a UTI. I went over and picked him up and brought him home. I called our family doctor who put him on Levaquin. He initially was improving.

However, he was likely exposed to Covid in the hospital because he began to develop Covid symptoms. I called America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and they helped get me some Ivermectin. He also received Monoclonal antibodies on Jan 18.

On January 19th(?) I called rescue again. They took him to the ER and kept him there. They wouldn’t let him have his phone. The doctors wouldn’t speak to me or let me in. For 3 days the doctors avoided me. I stood in the lobby every day waiting to speak to the doctors and waiting for a phone call, for someone, anyone to answer my questions and update on my husband’s status.

I called Senator Bryce Reeves. I told him what was going on and the doctors lied when they told him they called me. I
had my phone with me the entire time and was in the lobby of the hospital.

Reeves finally got them to call me and they set up a meeting with the nurses on the floor. I had the Power of Attorney and Living Will that clearly stated “No Remdesivir” and “No Vent!”

I contact a doctor from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). She advised me on all the aspects of the treatment protocol for hospitalized patients. Certain doctors tried to fight everything she advised. Some doctors were willing to help provide the correct supplements and additional recommendation from the FLCCC protocol, then the other doctors would come back in and change them. They gave him the wrong steroids and the wrong antibiotics. They kept saying, “It is not on our protocol” i.e., the hospital protocol. They agreed to give him crushed Vitamin C instead of IV Vitamin C as was recommended.

After battling between hospital doctors, on January 26th, he was able to get well enough to be moved from ICU to the Step Down unit. The doctors in the Step Down unit cut back on his supplements and meds. They refused Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

On January 27th at 4:52am, the nurse called me and told me that Bud was angry. I tried to make arrangements to get him home on oxygen or to another hospital per the FLCCC doctor’s recommendation. I wanted to get him to MCV where we knew Bud’s heart doctor, but he progressively got worse to a point where he was having a lot of trouble breathing and was exhausted.

They made a deal with me and Bud saying that they would give Bud the meds we were requesting if I/we agreed to put him on the ventilator. We agreed and he was put on it for a couple days. They again refused to follow the FLCCC protocol. They followed the hospital protocol instead, which likely included remdesivir because they said he needed to go on dialysis because his kidneys were failing. I went into the ICU to see him and he was basically dead. He was cold, pale, terribly swollen, and his vent tube was bloody, as if he had been coughing up blood.

They called me later and told me they did CPR on him two times and he did not recover. They said he died of a cardiac arrest.

This is one example of the chaos created by rigid inflexible protocols. Doctors are not treating the patient, they are just following a protocol.

  • My husband would be alive if the hospital would have followed the FLCCC protocol.
  • My husband would be alive if I was allowed to visit and advocate for him.
  • My husband would be alive if the hospital would have treated him like a human being instead of another statistic.

I was repeatedly lied to and no one is being held accountable.

Hospital protocols killed my husband and thousands of Covid patients because of rigid inflexibility. Members of the Virginia Department of Health are also responsible because you refused to look at the evidence in support of alternative treatment.

The FLCCC protocol and other protocols save lives and you refused to listen to international experts working within the state of Virginia.

Your arrogance is shameful.

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Good Afternoon, State Health Commissioner & Board of Health Members,

My name is Doris Knick. As a member of the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance (VAMFA), I request that the State Health Commissioner and each of you Board members participate in the Oct. 1st Open Public Forum hosted by VAMFA. It is your opportunity to start restoring scientific integrity and healing Virginians’ shattered trust in their medical establishment

You continue to deny the evidence in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). None of us will ever be okay with the number of deaths and injuries from these Covid Shots. These are real people’s lives that have been lost & impacted, not just statistics!

Here’s a visual from the Red Box Summaries on since you don’t seem to be aware of VAERS or its 1.4 million COVID vaccine Adverse Event Reports worldwide. (Banner of Injuries)

These Injuries are REAL and HORRIFYINGING COMMON, not RARE, yet the massive scope of the harm from the COVID
injection is not represented in its VDH advertisements, FAQs or in the informed consenting process.

Did you know that more than 60% of the reports in the world are from the U.S.? In the past 2 ½ years, more than
865,000 Americans have filed adverse event reports related to the jab! This includes 14,438 people who died after their Covid injections.
Let me repeat that: More than 14,000 Americans died.

Another 13,000 people had a LIFE-THREATENING reaction and almost 69,000 required HOSPITALIZATION. Shockingly, almost 15,000 Americans, most in the prime of their lives, are now PERMANENTLY DISABLED.
34,000 had a Severe Allergic Reaction with more than 2,000 of those almost dying of immediate anaphylactic shock.

6,000 suffered a Heart Attack and almost 9,000 more developed Myocarditis or Pericarditis. Almost 1,800 pregnant U.S. women miscarried after being jabbed.

I could go on and on.

These Covid injections are NOT SAFE. PERIOD. End of discussion. There’s no reason to even look at effectiveness if it’s not safe. But to add injury to injury, this injection is also not effective in preventing transmission or infection with the COVID virus. All this is intolerable for an illness with an average 99.8% survival rate.

So where’s VDH’s evidence supporting your endless claims of safe and effective?

At your June 23rd quarterly meeting I shared the current VAERS data with you, but the summary sheet I provided is missing from the Public Record of that meeting. Why?

We demand that the COVID injections be immediately halted in Virginia.

We demand full and transparent investigations into the injuries and deaths caused by the COVID injections, by researchers without conflicts of interest and that the results be rapidly reported publicly.

I again urge you to participate in the Forum on October 1st, to present your evidence supporting the COVID emergency orders, regulations and other policies that you recommended and continue to promote, and their health outcomes. You still have time to take a first step toward acting on VDH’s stated mission to protect the health and promote the well- being of all Virginians.

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Hello VDH Members and Commissioner Greene.

I’m Tricia Stall, from Mathews County, a retired RN and Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance member advocating for all Virginians in support of Medical Freedom.

I personally lost three dear hospitalized friends, two in Sentara and one at Riverside, due to improper care, including “standardized Covid care protocols” promulgated by the CDC and NIH. It is heartbreaking to accept that these precious friends died needlessly due to rigid adherence to delayed treatment with novel, risky and expensive patented drugs. Early treatment with safe and inexpensive off-patent medications and nutritional therapies that are proven effective might have avoided hospitalization and death entirely. For example, I and my 90 year-old “diabetic” mother contracted Covid in June 25 and responded quickly WITHOUT hospitalization thanks to having ivermectin available at symptom onset.

This is a critical time in Virginia to support Medical Freedom for all Virginians. That includes stopping “public health” bureaucrats, hospital systems and pharmacies from using chilling intimidation and retribution, including loss of licensure or employment, to essentially prohibit doctors from rendering individualized, ethical patient care based on their professional experience. It also chills Pharmacists from actually filling doctor’s valid prescriptions. VAMFA supports the unrestricted availability of and access to all preventive and treatment options by all patients and doctors in Virginia. The declaration of a so-called public health “emergency” does not give government the authority to interfere with the private doctor-patient relationship. It does not permit government to violate the fundamental and inalienable human right of personal informed choice about bodily autonomy.

I implore each of you to please participate in or at least attend the Virginia Covid Management Public Forum on Oct 1 from 1-4:00 pm at Life Church, 8378 Atlee Rd., Mechanicsville. It is one way to help fulfill your VDH mission to be responsive to we the people of Virginia.
Thank you.

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I’m Susan Franz, a retired nurse, from Williamsburg.
I participated in the June 29 VDH webinar described as an “open forum conversation on COVID-19 therapeutics.” It was only after several of us were suddenly dropped from the call for asking questions about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that we were made aware of a Guidance Document for these webinars which stated only EUA COVID-19 treatments were to be discussed. They also failed to answer multiple questions we asked about safety issues regarding some of the novel drugs.

Dozens of peer-reviewed studies clearly show that aggressive prevention and early outpatient treatment could have prevented at least 75 to 80 percent of the hospitalizations and deaths attributed to COVID. If VDH would enthusiastically promote, or just permit, the widespread use of these proven medications there would likely be no need for a vaccine or expensive new investigational drugs, particularly ones that are neither safe nor effective. Why is VDH still aggressively promoting the risky COVID injections when there are far more effective and inexpensive medications that have been used safely for decades in millions of people?

VDH has violated doctors’ legal right to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for any reason they deem appropriate in their professional judgment. Why is the Virginia healthcare system intimidating and persecuting doctors with loss of licensure or employment for having a different scientific viewpoint about the best way to treat individual patients?

It appears that a CDC-NIH uni-narrative or protocol controls what VDH is allowed to do or not do. This government tyranny of the experts is endangering the health of Virginians. Despite the CDC insisting that the vaccine is safe and effective, has VDH or this Board done your own critical and independent analysis of the voluminous adverse event information about Virginians that has been collected? Are you aware of the numbers of world class athletes dying on sports fields after being coerced to be injected to keep their jobs? Are you aware that Denmark just discontinued vaccines for anyone under the age of 60 due to their adverse effect profiles? Are you aware of the large and atypical fibrous clot-like formations found in autopsies of vaccinated individuals?

You have been invited to participate in an open public forum on October 1 to discuss the evidence about all treatments for COVID-19. World-renowned Virginians Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, and Dr. Paul Marik will be there to discuss these issues. You should be too. Your participation would help restore our faith that you care about scientific integrity, truth and the health of Virginians more than merely complying with the CDC and NIH.

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My name is Pamela Burnham and I am a nurse with more than 20 years of experience, primarily in Critical Care. I have been an Independent Nurse Consultant/Educator since 2015 with a primary focus on cancer patients of Specialized Programs of Research Centers.


I am a mom of three and a grandmother. I have never been anti-VAX and was compliant with all of the hospital healthcare requirements until 2015. However, after extensive review of vaccine research I find myself full of regret for having vaccinated my children. And the so-called COVID “vaccine” is not even like a traditional vaccine but rather a largely untested experimental genetic injection, the first of its kind, with unknown long-term risks in terms of cancer, fertility issues in men and women, autoimmune disease, neurological disease, etc.


Early on during the COVID crisis, many of us nurses cued in on the lies and propaganda being told to the public about the one-size-fits-all uni-treatment narrative promulgated by NIH, CDC and FDA. We knew very early on that hundreds of thousands of people would die if we didn’t do something and we found ways to keep up with and share information. Our groups formed a network of actively involved individuals who helped thousands of Covid affected people, especially here in VA. We developed and shared promising treatment protocols using repurposed FDA-approved medications and nutritional therapies that were being developed by groups that have evolved into the highly regarded medical freedom organizations, America’s Frontline Doctors and Frontline Covid Critical Care (FLCCC). We developed a network of deep researchers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, rescuers, attorneys, exemption filing experts who were and still are all working to help as many people as possible by sharing the truth to counter the public health system’s uni-narrative.


I help answer questions for people from all over the world who are experiencing horrible side effects from the shots, repeated debilitating illnesses, heartbreaking family tension and rejection, work related difficulties, functional activity breakdown, isolation, etc. from the draconian lockdowns, mandates, social restrictions like “othering” the unvaccinated, violation or suspension of our fundamental human and constitutional rights and freedom, and brutal censorship and intimidation of scientific or medical viewpoint that dissents from the uni-narrative.


Today I want to share with you some of that truth that we believe would have helped many Virginians make informed decisions and would have saved many lives had they known.


For example, during pregnancy, we’ve always been told to avoid taking any medications, including Tylenol. Mothers to-be are being terrified into getting the EUA shots and told they are safe and effective. They are far from that with upwards of 70% risk of miscarriage in those injected in the first and second trimester.


For example, 80% of children have already had covid with little to no symptoms and likely have lifetime natural immunity. On the other hand, nearly 30% of young people under age 20 who are injected with 2 Pfizer shots develop myocarditis.


For example, reports from the UK government’s Office of National Statistics confirm that the triple vaccinated account for 91% of Covid deaths and over 24,ooo unexplained deaths in 2022.


For example, the urgent need to create specific research and treatment centers for the vaccine-injured who are trapped in a horrendous situation of pain and limitation. Many suicides are taking place across the globe.


For example, these shots contain mRNA which produces the Spike Protein that interacts with the immune system and may be the most toxic substance ever introduced to the human body. Many trillions of spike protein particles are produced with each injection, cause suppression of natural immune function and inflammationcrosses the blood brain barrier, affects the heart, causes many neurological disorders including tremors, lethargy, stroke, Bell’s Palsy, and ALS-type disorders as well as cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and menstrual irregularities and miscarriages.


This is not an Us versus You situation. We stand for Informed Consent, Freedom of Speech and from viewpoint Censorship. We need to stand together, resist the uni-narrative and fight for freedom. Board members and Dr. Greene, help restore scientific integrity and our trust with an honest, uncensored and open scientific dialogue between doctors and medical scientists about all the evidence. I’ll look for you at the Forum on October 1.