Do you want the option to keep a proven-safe electric utility meter in your home – rather than allow Dominion Energy to coerce you into having an unsafe Smart meter instead?

Do you want every Virginian to have that choice?

You have two ways to voice your concerns.

  1. On November 20, if you registered by the November 15 deadline to participate, you will have the opportunity to speak out about Smart meters to the State Corporation Commission (SCC), which is doing a biennial review of Dominion Energy.  It’s time to prepare your testimony. See details below.
  2. If you will not be providing oral testimony on November 20, you can still make your voice heard. Fill out a complaint form hereVirginia SCC – File a Complaint

This may be our only opportunity for a massive push back on the deployment of high-radiation Smart meters!

We must speak out against installation of Smart meters!

Under Dominion Energy’s current policy, qualifying residential customers (who have paid their bills on time) can opt-out of smart meter installation upon request at no expense.

Dominion wants to make it harder. They seek to charge customers an additional monthly fee of $10.35.

We must categorically reject the idea of an opt-out program, whether paid or free, that requires us to ask to opt-out of a device that poses health risks to our families and that allows surveillance of our private homes.

Instead, we must demand that utility companies be required to get our permission before installing anything on our private property or residence.

We must demand that Dominion fully inform customers of the dangers of Smart meters, backed by over one thousand studies and by several whistleblower reports from customers with serious health conditions and concerns here in Virginia.

We must demand that they fully disclose a Smart meter’s surveillance capabilities. What sensitive, personal information can a Smart meter potentially collect? How can customers hold Dominion liable for privacy violations?

Dominion has been abusive to Virginians who tried to have Smart meters removed, leaving them without heat in the freezing cold during the winter months.

Many people currently suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, and many more of us will suffer as more meters are installed.


How to Prepare testimony for the November 20 SCC meeting 

Your testimony can be up to 5 minutes long.  Keep it brief, clear, polite, but firm.

You might want to read all the EMR pages at this VAMFA website starting here to gain more insight into the many problems with Smart meters.

Sample testimony ideas:

  1. There are world-wide reports of EMR injuries, and there is no valid safety data proving otherwise. Demand that Dominion disclose all safety studies to customers before installing a Smart meter.
  2. Smart meters allow for surveillance. Demand that Dominion disclose all surveillance capabilities and how they can be held liable for violating our right to privacy.
  3. Dominion shut off power last winter to families with children in the commonwealth for refusing to have a smart meter placed on their homes.
  4. Let them know if a family member has been injured by a Smart meter. For example, if they sleep or work near a meter and developed cancer or tumors, ringing in the ears, leg cramps, balance problems, heart and eye issues, fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or disorientation.
  5. If a smart meter was installed without consent, tell the SCC that you will not tolerate this intrusion.
  6. Being required to pay a monthly fee to prevent being injured in your own home is unacceptable. The company should be held liable for injuries.
  7. See more talking point here.

On November 20th, you will receive a call from the SCC as early as 10 am.  Watch for this number 804-299-5840 on the day of the hearing, answer the call, and deliver your prepared 5-minute comment during your allotted time.

The hearing will be webcast online here.