Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless Key Terms and Descriptions

EMF Facts vs. Confusion Flyer by Cecee Doucette

A Sampling of the thousands of scientific studies and articles proving harm from EMR
Doctors and Organizations Speaking Out and Taking Action to Litigate, Educate and Advocate for Safer Technology
  • Take Back Your Power
  • 2017 Documentary Film: Generation Zapped (Netflix)
  • WiFi Refugees Nowhere to run: Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology. (52 minutes)
  • EMF*D by Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • EMF Practical Guide by Lloyd Burrell
  • The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
  • Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to EMF Protection & Safety: The Proven Health Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) & What to Do Protect Yourself & Family – by Daniel & Ryan Debaun and Dave Asprey
  • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology by Nicolas Pineault