Sheriff Richard Mack, a twenty-year law enforcement officer in Utah and Arizona, had the courage to defend the Constitution against the U.S. Congress — and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with him! He and six other sheriffs won their case, Printz v. United States, in which the Court held that certain interim provisions of the Brady Bill violated the Tenth Amendment.

Mack’s case set a precedent that empowers law enforcement to resist laws that are unconstitutional and inspired him to found the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to teach public officials and citizens the Constitutional authority and responsibility that all public servants are sworn to protect and defend.

During the last few years, our local sheriffs and police departments have had to decide whether to obey the Constitution or the tyrannical dictates of federal, state, and local government officials. Have their actions reflected the CSPOA’s stance in your community?

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